Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Afternoon After

I just ate the biggest banana of my human life.  Is it normal for a banana to be this large?  I'm sitting inside the Alpine Meadow Ski Resort, blowing my nose into a soggy tissue.  I have a cold but who cares?  I'm on vacation with someone I love and my lip gloss is coffee flavored.  [But, like, for real, where's the Dayquil at?]  Reflecting on 2013, unlike the year prior, brings back more good memories than bad.  I went on spontaneous adventures all over the country, reconnected with old friends and made new ones, worked for a company that liked me enough to promote me, got into CSULB, enrolled in a Pilates certification program at BASI, and took a one-year-sobriety chip.  Basically, I experienced the rewards of getting sober.  And the best part?  It's only just begun.  Giving up drinking gave me my life back in more ways than I had anticipated.  My life, which once felt like a limited and depressing place, has become full -so full- of light and hope again.  I used to feel like the days were far too long.  I just want to escape.  Today, there is just not enough time.   This is my one and precious life.  Let's go.  I want to live, breathe, laugh, love, travel, and jump out of a fucking airplane.  I want to finish school and wave my diploma in the air like a maniac.  I want to find a job that makes me happy and self-sufficient.  I want to live.

Regarding Resolutions

Today is the first of a New Year.  And just like the beginning of a new week, I am letting go of any stress, failure, or anxiety and starting fresh.  Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around so what better moment than the start of a new year?

But don't put too much pressure on yourself.  

If your New Years resolution was to lose 15 pounds by cutting out sugar, don't give up if you already sunk your teeth into that Voodoo Donut (I don't blame you) mere minutes after the ball dropped.  Speaking of that resolution, what were you thinking?  I believe that people put too much pressure on January 1st, especially when it comes to losing weight.  "Supersize everything, and let's add a large milkshake, because in 3 days I'm cutting out junk food completely."  Get real.  If you were ready to change your lifestyle, you would have started today.  Maybe you won't be ready on the first, maybe not even the 2nd, and that's okay.  The key is to find the balance between fantasy and reality.  Dream big but make sure your goals are attainable.  Make sure you're ready.




  1. happy new year, sweetie! i'm completely in agreement with you (though i have to be honest, i have made the resolution to lose weight, ha ha, but i do feel ready for this challenge so here it goes) :) hope you're having a good beginning to the year! x