Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Intervention for Myself and the iPhone Obsessed

I knew I had a problem when I reached for my phone while I was doing the corkscew.  Twice.
That's a Pilates move, pervert.

In Pilates, being present is crucial. I know this because I just started training to teach this mind-body exercise at Body and Science International (BASI).  When my teacher told us how important it is to stay in the moment, I smiled and nodded my head.  "Oh, right, focus and being one with my bod.  I got this!"  An hour later, I walked out of the studio with my eyes glued to my phone.  This is also how I walk out of every building.  Yesterday, I almost ran into a pole.  I wish I had.

I'm working on it.  Last week, I spent time with my boyfriend in Lake Tahoe.  When my mind inevitably went to a place reminiscent of a theme park, I tried to slow it down.  I remember telling myself to stay present while riding on the back of his motorcycle alongside the breathtaking view of Donner Lake.  And you know what?  I did.  It was only last week but I can still visualize every detail of that moment.  It was perfect.

When I'm not looking at my phone, my mind is a noggin of anxious thoughts.  Signing up for LinkedIn today caused me to compare my not-so-professional life with my peers.  Even while writing this, I'm thinking about my to-do list for tomorrow...and what I didn't check off that list today.  Talk about time consuming.  It's all exhausting.

The weeks aren't slowing down.  No matter how often you wish upon the 11:11 star, not even Cher can turn back time.  Nonetheless, you can allow yourself to shut off the past, the future, and live in the now.  If we put away our iPhones for a little bit, stop focusing on what other people are doing with their Wednesdays, and consciously take a breath, maybe we can find peace in this overwhelmingly crazy world.

Life.  Enjoy it, because it's happening.

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