Tuesday, January 1, 2013

About The Girl With The Star Tattoo

A star is a light in the darkness.  Just as there would be no good without evil, there would be no light without the dark.  Life happens.  Stormy clouds appear.  However, no matter how dark things get, my light within will guide me.  My little tattoo is a small, personal reminder to always stay hopeful no matter what.  Other days, it just reminds me to stay fabulous. 

My name is Elin.  [EEE-lynne]  I'm a twenty-something gal residing in southern California.  Yes, I have a star tattoo, but that's not what this blog is about.  I'm a dreamer, coffee drinker, health nut, endorphin junkie, book lover, music addict, and laugh inducer.  I'm a marketing student with a minor in sass.  On September 2nd, 2012, I decided to turn my life around and get sober.  As Lena Dunham says, I'm almost getting it kind of together.  This lifestyle blog is about my journey through it all.

Is there a topic you'd like me to cover?  Feedback or questions?  

Contact Me:

Email: VanattaElin@gmail.com

Instagram: @Elinvanatta

Tumblr: city-struck.tumblr.com

Facebook:  Facebook.com/elinvanatta




  1. Elin - your blog is a star among blogs... a light in the huge haystack of all the blogs out there. My roommate shared your blog with me and since, I've loved reading each post. Keep it up <3

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. :)