Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Tracks: Vol. 9

Greetings from Tahoe:  The town where hitchhiking is encouraged [been twice so far] and every tree has a memorial.  Last night, the boys and I soaked in the hot tub under a sky full of stars.  Sparkling cider was involved and there was an after-party in the sauna.  Hashtag Tahoe Life.  It doesn't suck up here.

The house I'm staying at for a week has no internet access.  What?  Fortunately, I have found a lounge with wi-fi.  The 30-minute drive was kinda breathtaking.  California, you are so beautiful. We even drove by Donner Pass.  You know, where cannibalism happened.  Officially settled, I'm drinking pumpkin spice coffee and looking out at the ski-lifts on the mountain.  I'm back, people, and I want to share some music with you.  Listed below are the songs that I'm listening to this week.  Download, listen, enjoy.  

Thursday Tracks: Vol. 9

1.  Feelin' Love  |  Paula Cole
2.  Firefly  |  The White Panda
3.  Chloroform  |  Phoenix
4.  Sail  |  AWOLNATION
5.  Down On Life  |  Elliphant
6.  Gold  |  Bondax
7.  I Found You  |  Alabama Shakes
8.  Lost In My Mind  |  Head And The Heart
9.  Stay  |  Rihanna  
10.  Needle  |  Born Ruffians
11.  Running For Cover  |  Ivan & Alyosha
12.  What You Won't Do For Love  |  Jessie Ware



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