Monday, March 11, 2013

Guilty Pleasures // Bachelor Finale

Eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies.
Animal style fries.  
Fifty Shades of Grey.  
Watching The Kardashians.
Listening to Nickelback. 

Guilty pleasures.  You know, that thing that you so enjoy doing despite the shadow of guilt?   We all have at least one.  What's mine?  Begins with "The", ends with "Bachelor".  It's embarrassing how hooked I am to this show.  Maybe it's Chris Harrison's charm that sucks me in every season.  Or maybe it's the way the show brings people [and sparkling cider] together.  (I never watch it alone.  A few seasons ago, it used to be a double-date event.)  Perhaps I'm just bloody fascinated by the concept that 25 women are willing to live together and date the same man.  Never in my wildest nightmares would I partake in such a scenario.  So right off the bat, we have 25 crazy people living in the same house.  Smart move, ABC.  Would you like to know how this set-up usually turns out?  The Bachelor falls in love with at least four of the women, eventually picks one, gets engaged, and then breaks off engagement.  What a train-wreck.  I think only about three couples out of a million have stayed together.  This seasons's Bachelor, Sean, is "madly in love" with his final two women so I already know that another Bachelor Fail is in the near future.

Direct quotes from Sean:

"Although I see Catherine as my wife, I equally see Lindsay as my wife."

"I think I could have a long, happy marriage with both Catherine and Lindsay."

"Do you understand the dilemma I'm in?"

Oh, gross.  Can you imagine proposing to someone while still in love with someone else?  These people are fucking sick, but have I enjoyed tuning in every Monday?  Guilty.

Spoiler alert:  He chose Catherine.



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