Saturday, March 23, 2013

R is for Routine

I officially have mad respect for The FowlersBrianna Sky, and Natalie Suarez.  Not that I didn't think they were fabulous already, but wow.  Do they ever take a break?  Uh, no, no they don't.  Ever since I started following them, I have always been able to count on fresh material...consistently.  As far as my blog, for a couple months, I didn't miss a day.  Even if I didn't feel like writing a single run-on sentence, I put something out there.  I felt good, man.  And then, boom.  I got tonsillitis, planned on taking two days off [max], and ended up disappearing from the blogosphere for 8 whole days.  On the contrary, most successful bloggers would take sick days as an opportunity to write in bed with a bottomless cup of green tea.

Honestly, I'm not terribly surprised.  As much as I crave change, it's important for me to stick to a routine or else I get thrown.  Anyone else guilty of this?  Take exercise for example.  Ever take a vacation from the gym that throws off your entire work-out routine?  Getting back on the elliptical after a week of lounging is fucking hell.  What about waking up at 5 am for that first day back to school or work after summer vacation?  It's always so much harder the first day.  However, after working out or waking up early for a few consecutive days, things don't feel so tough anymore.  Twenty-one consecutive days and it's officially how you roll.  There are certain areas of my life that I'd like to improve and, therefore, I need to update my routine.  Know what I mean?  Awesome.  Happy Saturday, babes.  Missed ya.



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  1. WHY THANK YOU little lady! I missed you, I really missed you.