Monday, April 29, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets.

I'm about to share something with you that you've probably heard many times before, especially if you've been to rehab.  You're only as sick as your secrets.  Most people can attest to this statement.  Secrets become poison to the soul, causing you to reach for an escape...any avoid being honest with your truth.  

But what about the secrets of those around you?  Is it sick if one of the closest people in your life refuses to tell you where she is or who she is with half of the week?  It's her secret and she likes it that way.  Maybe it's not sick, but it's effing bizarre.  It's hard to be in a healthy relationship with yourself if you're not honest, right?  Well, the same thing applies to relationships with others.  If you're not going to be open and honest with someone, especially with one of your best friends, then what kind of relationship is that?  Unfortunately, I let myself get into a tailspin about this today.  [Remember that show, Tailspin?  God, I love the '90s.] 

I think it's easy [for me] to obsess about things that I can't control...especially when it comes to my loved ones.  After talking with one of my girlfriends, I realized that I need to learn to accept this person as she is.  If she doesn't want to share something with me, then that's her deal.  All I can do is love her.  

Closing statement:  When it comes to relationships, you can't change anyone but yourself.  You just can't.  Accept it.  Put your focus on becoming a better person and you'll be a much happier camper.



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