Saturday, April 27, 2013

You're Insane.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. // Albert Einstein

Does this quote apply to you?

Desire to make a change is great.  It's a start.  However, without acting on desire, all you're left with is, well, desire.  Has anyone ever told you, "Yeah, yeah.  I'll believe it when I see it."?  Maybe you told this person that you were going to quit smoking.  You really wanted to make a change, you said.  The thing is, you've probably said this before.  Words are easy.  Desire is easy.  It's the action that makes all the difference.

Think about your dieting history.  I'm a white girl living in America so, naturally, I've tried to lose weight in the past, all while picking up the same foods.  Insane.  Better yet, think about New Years Eve.  People are fucking insane on New Years Eve.  Wanna know why?  Everyone is making some elaborate, spontaneous resolution.  "Woo, give me a shot!  At midnight, I'm giving up alcohol forever!"  Or "Oh man, I'm so full, but I decided that once the clock strikes 12, I'm giving up cheese for a year."  I'm not saying that these resolutions cannot be accomplished.  I'm just careful what you say because you probably sound insane.

While I was drinking, you could have put my photo next to the definition of insanity.  [Along with mug shots of the Tsarnaev brothers.]  I wanted to be "normal" and therefore tried a variety of methods to keep my drinking under control.  I set rules.  Never drink alone, never drink in the morning, do NOT show up to work drunk, only drink at parties, limit number of drinks, drink wine or beer only, etc..  I mean, it was insane thinking/behavior.  And by the way, I failed every single one of those rules.  It wasn't until I realized how insane I was acting that I was able to make a change.  My perspective shifted.  Therefore, I approached my problem from a different angle.  It's not easy to change, but anyone can do it if prepared to do the footwork. 

Closing thought:  What do you want to alter in your life?  How can you make things better?  Get off your booty [literally] and be the change you so desire.  You're more capable than you think.



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