Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sober Thoughts on Friendships

I have been so overpaid in the friend department.   

Sure, I've known for years how incredibly special the people in my life are.  I have been so lucky.  I know this.  However, for the longest time, I took my friendships for granted.  If you weren't going to drink with me, I didn't see the point.  Drinking buddies were convenient, but even putting effort into those relationships became tiresome.  Eventually, I turned my fabulous San Francisco apartment into my personal, no-friends allowed, prison.  I was selfish, ashamed, and tried to push everyone away.  Just...hopeless.  Drinking took away my spirit.  Really though.  I could have been mistaken for an extra on The Walking Dead.  

Getting sober changed all of that.  Unfortunately, certain relationships of mine that were centered around the love of alcohol will never be the same.  But that's okay.  Sometimes you just have to let go and move on.  For the most part, I have been overwhelmed by the support from friends, family, and even people I've never met.  I especially appreciate those who have stuck by me through my darkest days.  The ones who never gave up on me.  // THANK YOU. //  Hard times reveal true friends?  It certainly did.  

Right now, 7 months into sobriety:  I am present for my life.  I am present for others.  Relationships are SO important to me today.  And for the first time in years, I finally feel like myself again.



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  1. super babe. mega babe. total babe. ultra babe. sober babe. I want you babe. be my babe, babe. stay a babe, babe. babe onward.