Friday, June 7, 2013

Spotlight: Wild Belle

For the fifth [or 8th?] week in a row, I can't stop listening to Wild Belle.  I turn it up in my car, at the gym, in the shower, on the way to my car from the gym, and on my way to the shower from my car.  YA DIG?  I like 'em, so it's time to share the brother-sister duo with ya'll.  The Bergman's are on the brink of musical stardom.  But, of course.  The two were born from the same woman, grew up in the same musical family.  It seems to me that forming Wild Belle was their destiny, no?  Natalie (24) and Elliot Bergman (31), self-produced their first album, 'Isles' in 2012.  Natalie brings the lyrics while Elliot creates the beat.  The siblings are influenced by Etta James, James Brown, Tropicana music from Brazil, and music from all over Africa.  Let's call the result 'soulful reggae'.  What I love so much about this album is that the lyrics are dark (I lose sleep, I lose sleep // cut your lips upon her body) while the band's island rhythms are playful.  It's the perfect balance.  It's Fiona Apple on happy pills.
And I like that.


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  1. You had me at Fiona Apple on happy pills. xoxox Britt