Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hits & Misses: Coast to Coast

When you find a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to New York for $250, you don't ask questions.  You throw your money at the deal, pack your bags (or in this case, backpack) and just go.  On October 15th, I boarded a red eye flight to LaGuardia Airport for a 10-day trip with Noah Prince.  We explored NYC and Brooklyn, motorcycled our way around Upstate New York, found fall in Vermont, hiked around Orange County, moseyed over to San Diego, and ended it all in Los Angeles.  I'm breaking down our non-stop trip into Hits & Misses because who doesn't like lists?  Notice that most of the misses involve me being an extremely clumsy human.


Meeting the staff aka Noah's second family at Burton in Soho.  They let us drop our bags off while we went to grab the best falafel of my entire life.  No falafel will ever measure up.  Ever.

Eating a [complimentary] dosa longer than my arm and finishing it.

Wandering around Central Park in October was literally a dream come true.

Hugging three Elmo's and a Cookie Monster at the same time.

Riding on a motorcycle from Long Island to Manhattan at night.  The view was breathtaking.

Eating my first Dunkin Donut on top of the Empire State Building.

Repeatedly seeing an ad for the NYC Marathon and, accepting fate, mentally adding it to my bucket list.

Walking around Times Square after midnight.  Almost everyone was asleep but us.  It was magical.

Admiring graffiti for the first time ever.  The city is literally littered with art.

Seeing the Banksy's Plush Slaughterhouse Animal Truck zip by.


Walking The High Line, a one-mile linear park which runs through the lower west side of Manhattan.  It was built on top of the former New York Central Railroad and it's fabulous.

Getting air-time inside the studio of Good Morning America.

When Noah's hilarious step-mom brought out his baby pictures.  And printed out copies for me to take home.

Walking on a 490-million year old fossilized sea bottom near Saratoga Springs, New York.

Biking the Brooklyn Bridge and slowing down for a few minutes to take in the view of The Statue of Liberty.

Noah doing a yoga pose with a massive sea lion on the beach in SD.  An almost miss had he not gotten up in time.

Being goofy and running around the country with one of my most favorite people.  HIT.


Noah's flight being canceled twice, resulting in him arriving to me a day late and losing his breakfast burrito.

Falling down the stairs of the New York Public Library.

Almost hitting a man in the face because I decided to spastically starfish my body in the middle of a narrow pathway.

Slipping on mussels at the beach and falling off a rock, breaking my heel.

Silverlake Penitentiary.

Until the next adventure.




  1. Gah! This is amazing! You are my kind of human. Grabbing good deals on flights, and just going! Brilliant.

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