Sunday, February 23, 2014

Found Images

Today is Sunday, and I don't feel like writing a "how-to" or a "top 10" list.  Instead, I would like to take a study break to talk about what I do when I take study breaks.  There's a site called tumblr.  It's where the sleepless hipsters on a coffee-diet go to rest their minds in between three hour statistic lectures and endless textbook readings.  It's a place to find inspiration through found images.  It's a cyberland where you can post anything and no one will judge you for it.  It's procrastination disguised by photos of lovely things taken by people I've never met.  It's tumblr.
You can stalk me a little more by viewing my tumblr




  1. i spend way too much time on that website (it's a guilty pleasure, ha) x