Friday, March 29, 2013

What I'm Listening To Friday

When it comes to music, I feel like I've been suffering from multiple personality disorder.  
The sun comes up and I'm browsing through alternative tracks on Pitchfork avec a bowl size serving of coffee.  Next thing I know, I'm simultaneously working out and dancing to the Teach Me How To Dougie radio station on Pandora.  [The ghetto rap and bass have really taken my squat thrusts to the next level.]  Sidenote:  Snoop Dogg really did change his name to Snoop Lion.  He dropped it like it's hot.  Ha-Ha.  Depending on my destination, by the time I jump in my car, I'm usually listening to Angus and Julia Stone.  Ah, mellow down.  Or maybe Local Natives.  The Black Keys.  The xx.  Justin Timberlake's new album.  Anything from the 90s works too.  I just want it all.  Therefore, I chose to make a playlist that is as all-over-the-place-as-me.   Happy listening.

 The playlist

Never Run Away  |  Kurt Vile

Anyway  |  Duck Sauce

Oblivion  |  M83

Pusher Love Girl  |  Justin Timberlake

Train  |  Ben Gibbard Feat. Feist

Valentine  |  Fiona Apple

College  |  Rogue Wave

New Summer  |  Young Galaxy


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  1. Time after time I tell myself I've got nothin to lose
    Time after time I tell myself just to make sure
    I can
    Do it any way dat you want it.